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Despite the fact that the threats of the COVID-19 virus are making it difficult, The Institute has collected a vast array of informative and instructional webinars. Outstanding national and statewide associations and agencies have combined to provide expert and professional advice to family caregivers to enhance caregiving skills.

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These 12 agencies above are the "boots on the ground" for caregivers and are divided by counties. Family caregivers may call the one that represents the county you live in and speak to someone about the Caregiver Support Program for experienced and immediate help.


The NursingNetwork is the most comprehensive directory of national, statewide and local nursing events. The Nursing Network provides to The Institute a series of webinars provided by various organizations and agencies to assist family caregivers searching for answers.

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Tips for Working Caregivers from Working Caregivers - Part 1

Are you trying to balance caring for an aging or disabled loved one while working full or part time? Get the tips, ideas and support you need at AARP’s free, two-part webinar. Register today to get answers from AARP experts, and other working family caregivers just like you.

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Tips for Working Caregivers from Working Caregivers - Part 2

During Part 2, you’ll meet an employer whose organization supports working caregivers. Topics will include employee benefits, flexible work options and ways to speak with your employer about your situation.

Decluttering, Downsizing & Organizing Your Stuff - Part 1

Keep it or get rid of it? Our free, two-part recorded webinar will help you start decluttering your life. Look around. Are you so surrounded by the stuff in your house, you don’t know what to do with it—or how to find it when you need it? Maybe it’s time to downsize and declutter. 

Decluttering, Downsizing & Organizing Your Stuff - Part 2

In this session, we’ll help you know where to find your important documents by covering the challenges of paperwork and key ways to actually declutter digitally. Don’t miss your chance to get your clutter under control. Sign up today and learn how to simpliy your life the easy way!

Protecting Your Loved Ones from Financial Scams

Do you know ways to help keep your aging loved ones from losing money to scams and fraud? We’ll share important information that could help you keep them safe during our free webinar. Common scams that target older people, including Medicare, Social Security and online relationship scams.

The Costs of Financial Exploitation & Tips to Prevent It – Part 1

Keep Yourself or a Loved One Safe from DirenFinancial Exploitation

Learn how at our free, two-part webinar. Can you really afford to lose $120,000? That’s the average cost to victims of financial exploitation, a growing crime estimated to impact one in five adults in America.  

The Costs of Financial Exploitation & Tips to Prevent It – Part 2

Part 2 will cover what AARP is doing to fight financial exploitation via BankSafe, how to report it to Adult Protective Services and law enforcement, and the benefits of AARP’s Fraud Watch Network Helpline. Protect yourself and your loved ones from financial exploitation. Sign up today!

Prepare to Care: Understanding the Cost of Caregiving

You never know when you could find yourself in charge of a loved one’s care. Hear the story of Jessica Allen, who suddenly became a caregiver when her husband lost his legs in Afghanistan. Learn how to find the resources you need to prepare yourself financially and legally when it comes to health, housing and the future.


Navigating the Job Market in Uncertain Times

Are you worried about your job in the current climate? Join us for a free live Q&A. We know the job market is uncertain right now. That’s why we’ll have a panel of experienced career professionals on hand to answer your work questions, and help you navigate the current, difficult job market.

What You Need to Know About Social Security – Part 1

You’ve earned a right to Social Security benefits, but have you ever really wondered how it all works? Join our free webinar where we’ll explore these questions to help you get more out of Social Security and be more secure.

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What You Need to Know About Social Security – Part 2

• Should I collect early or wait till full retirement for my benefits to grow?
• What is the Social Security earnings limit?
• How much of my Social Security income can be taxed?
• What should I know about survivor or spousal benefits?


Medicare: Answers to Your Biggest Questions

Whether you’re 65 now or will be soon, you won’t want to miss this free webinar from AARP. We’ll be sharing information and advice that can help you understand your options and how to get the coverage you need. It’s never been easier to get Medicare answers relevant to your life.


Getting Your Financial House in Order

Are you feeling overwhelmed when it comes to your finances and need help getting back on track? AARP and the Foundation for Financial Planning are here to provide you with helpful tips, insights and resources that can help you achieve financial peace of mind. Register for this useful webinar - now!

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