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Caregiving can be very individual! Every home-centered medical environment presents different problems. Thus the Insititute has discovered other valuable and expert sources of needed education, training and information. It will continue to search for new and approved ways to provide busy family caregivers the information they need.

NOTE: All Classroom Instruction Has Now Been Suspended Classroom-based Courses - Classroom instruction requires more time and scheduling more structured. For those with ample time and interest, classroom instruction is more individually involving. But the trend is moving toward On-Demand instruction

Caregiver Resources - Family Caregivers are encouraged to contact their local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) to learn more about the caregiver support program in their area. The Utah Caregiver Support Program (UCSP) assists families and informal, family (unpaid) caregivers.  To view list of services.

Personal Assistance - For family caregivers who seek aid in solving unique caregiving issues there are many outstanding state, county, city and community agencies and organizations. The subjects include Emergencies, Domestic Violence, Food, Employment, Abuse, Health Care, Housing, Legal, Mental, etc. 

State-wide Activities - Listed in this section are activities for the benefit of family caregivers. You may find information about the event, get directions, scheduling even where to buy tickets. The events are planned according to trends and needs of family caregivers. Plans may change, so check before you attend.

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